Agape Vision Education Consultancy is registered non-profit organisation based in Malaysia. AVEC is a partner UNHCR Education Unit. Agape Vision Education Consultancy was launched in Malaysia on Dec 14 /2014. Our main purpose is to provide learning opportunities for refugee children, asylum seekers and their families. We also provide basic needs such as shelter, food and clothing as well as direct advocacy services for refugees and asylum seekers in Malaysia.

Malaysia is not a party to the 1951 Refugee Convention and has no domestic or administrative framework that governs refugees and their rights. However, as of December 2014, there are almost 1500 refugees and asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR Malaysia. In Malaysia, refugees do not have access to fundamental rights including legal status, safe and lawful employment, formal education and equal protection of the law, and are at constant risk of arrest, detention and exploitation. That is the reason that AVEC want to support this vulnerable people.

AVEC established a shelter home that is assisting 25 refugee and asylum seekers family, 150 refugees and asylum seekers students from different background. AVEC run education projects for refugee children in partnership with UNHCR. The students who attend AVEC education projects are typically between K2 to 18 years of age. Teachers utilise Malaysian school textbooks to teach four main subjects which are English, Maths, Science and Bahasa Melayu.

The scope and reach of these classes are largely restricted by a lack of resources, including qualified teachers. AVEC classes are usually held in rented shop houses, where our rooms are converted into classrooms, and are largely overcrowded and lacking in basic teaching facilities.

AVEC need more assistance, the needs of these schools include;
Funding for:
1. Refugee teachers' compensation
2. Transportation for children
3. Payment of utilities and rental of school premises
4. A meal for the children in school
5. Stationery and teaching-related equipment
6. Skills-building for teachers
7. Volunteers to help with teaching and administration

These refugees, asylum seekers and their family are not working, that means no income from them to pay school fees or school materials for their children so AVEC give them free education, shelter and food.

The reason am writing you this letter is to request any assistance or donation from your organisation here in Malaysia to support these refugees and asylum seekers. Because these children are the future generation through education they can contribute in this country Malaysia and around the world, so your support of it will be more appreciated.

Please if you need more information don't hesitate to contact Rev. Nava on 01124156258 or the Principal of AVEC school Mrs Kanaga on 0122172716 or you can use this email (admin at avec dot agapinchurchministries dot org)

Our Malaysia office address is: Taman Berjaya Sunga Chua Kajang Tel: 0387417900. Make a donation here

Please note that all the information entered when you are making donations are protected and will not be disclosed to any third party.
They are ONLY meant for record and accounting purposes.