Who is AVEC?

Agape Vision Education Consultancy forms the structure within which the association operates. To assist the association develop this constitution, Registry Society of Agape Vision Education had prepared a model constitution, which covers the matters required by law. Agape Vision Education has adopted a modified version of Registry Society of Malaysia model constitution.

1. To promote an understanding of the multi-ethnic cultures and the various religions of refugee and asylum seekers of Malaysia with a view to promoting inter-ethnic interaction and unity and where feasible to develop social action projects that involves more than one community joining together to solve real problems.

2. An understanding and appreciation of Malaysian Government and other communities in various parts of the world in pursuance of humanitarian rights and peace resolution and mobilize support for people struggling for self-determination and /or suffer from war or other forms of dispossession.

Agape Vision Education Consultancy is NOT – FOR - PROFIT organization registered by Malaysian Government; part of UNHCR Education Unit; and affiliated with Kajang Assemblies of God Church in Malaysia. Agape Vision Education Consultancy was launched on Dec 14 /2014; on-the- ground operations, Agape Vision Education Consultancy include direct legal services for refugees and asylum seekers, and engagement with Kajang Assembles of God, Nakango Vision Australia, Chin Community, Zomi Community Asylum ACC and other stakeholders in Malaysia’s refugee rights movement.

However, Malaysia is not a party to the 1951 Refugee Convention and has no domestic or administrative framework that governs refugees and their rights. However, as of December 2014, there are almost 1500 refugees and asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR Malaysia. In Malaysia, refugees do not have access to fundamental rights including legal status, safe and lawful employment, formal education and equal protection of the law, and are at constant risk of arrest, detention and exploitation, that is the reason that AVEC want to support this venerable people.

AVEC’s refugee policy program assists refugees and asylum seekers to successfully navigate the UNHCR Refugee Status Determination (RSD) process, thereby improving their chances of living safely and moving freely in Malaysia. In addition to direct advocacy services, offers Know-Your- Options workshops to provide basic advocacy and practical information to help refugees navigate the RSD process and avail themselves of other legal protections that may prevent detention and deportation and help them acclimatize to life in Malaysia. AVEC has also begun capacity building activities with lawyers, universities and civil society organizations to develop a refugee advocacy network in Malaysia. AVEC is transforming the human rights landscape for refugees in Malaysia, so they can live safely, move freely, seek safe and lawful employment, send children to school, and begin rebuild their lives

1. One of the principal aims of Agape Visions Education Organization is to assist refugee and asylum seekers with, Shelters, Educational, Health hygiene, Youth Developments, Women Rights, Women Advocacy, and Child Abuse.
2. To train them how to develop the skills they have to bring about positive change in their lives.
3. Women’s training and empowerment activities and the strong need to promote human rights and equality relating to age, gender, refugee status, religion, ethnicity, financial access and education.
4. To provide training workshops, mentoring and support networks in order to build their skills and confidence to take active roles in decision-making and leadership within their local community.
5. Background information in issues surrounding the Protection of refugees and asylum seekers families.
6. Important social issues of times through consultations publications, seminars, trainings, and other actions or in collaboration with like-minded institutions or individuals and encourage participation by various sections of the public in their solution.