Our Objectives

The objectives of Agape International Church Ministries are
To practice and encourage wholehearted love for God (Matthew 22:37-38; Mark 12:30), outworked through obedience to His Word in all areas of life and ministry.

Description of how our charity’s activities helped achieve Agape Community Welfare purpose:
Agape Community Welfare is a multicultural society that assist and helps to maintain social cohesion and Integration of refugees and migrants’ families and encourage the social and economic participation of migrants to understand Australian values and Citizenship, understand and acceptance of racial, Religious and cultural diversity in their resettlement and integration into the country.

We gave awareness training's, educate and empower refugee’s families migrants and new arrivals with limited English in their resettlement, providing English language program for adult and children after school, creating Employments, providing Youth accommodation, Mentoring activities for women and young people and concept, Relationship counselling, providing informal education on Domestic Violence, Human Rights, filling forms, referrals, information, Advocacy services, cleaning trainings and volunteers trainings to support clients.

Agape Community Welfare partners with APM employment services, University of NSW, Miller TAFE, Nakango Visions Multicultural Community Services, Australian National Committee for Refugee Women, Christian Church Australia, Impressive Shade Sails PTY LTD, Fairfield City Council, and CORE Communities through which we have helped heap of people in Fairfield community LGA.

This is an ongoing Social cohesion and Cultural Development activities that is to support the priorities that has been extracted from the Fairfield LGA conversation consultation held in September 2016. ACW have a professional counsellor and well experienced Community Support Worker, Community Educators, Translators and Interpreters that help facilitating ACW activities also helped the elderly ones deal with isolation, family conflict, barriers, feeling abandoned, and create opportunity for interaction and creativity for them, based on an interest in responding to and preventing conflict in their family.

To encourage and assist affiliated churches to be fully committed to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20), through mission, evangelism, teaching, training and church planting, in the power of the Holy Spirit, both in Australia and beyond.

To teach and demonstrate high standards of holiness and Christian commitment, and adherence to biblical doctrines, practices and forms of conduct.

To grant ministry credentials to suitably qualified and experienced individuals.

To appreciate cultural diversity and to offer support and assistance to churches of various cultural backgrounds.

To promote and provide training programs and materials to help equip believers for pastoral, mission, leadership, counselling and other roles.

To recognise and foster the development of spiritual and natural gifts and abilities to glorify Jesus Christ, to edify the church and to spread the Gospel.

To demonstrate the love of Christ to people of any race, culture, religion or status (Matthew 22:39; Mark 12:33), whatever their social, physical, psychological and spiritual needs may be.