Our History

Agape International Church in Australia (AICM) began with the vision of sharing the good news of Jesus with Congolese migrants to Australia. More recently, our vision has been broadened to include people from many different cultures and backgrounds. We are committed to reaching out to, understanding and assisting people in need, including people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

AICM began in 2005 as a mission of Congolese Pentecostal movement known as Agape Community Church (ACC). Mission has always been a primary emphasis of AICM. Today, AICM has affiliated 40 churches and missions in different countries.

The history of AICM dates back to 1999 when the Holy Spirit was poured out on a group of Christians in Uganda Africa. Their numbers quickly multiplied and they needed a bigger meeting place. They was this revival that swept away differences in race, class and gender, as people joined together to praise and worship God in the power of the Holy Spirit.

People carried the Pentecostal message to different countries and state, where Rev Nava Buhendwa Ozegbe was heard preach by the people in Tanzania, and she was baptised in the Spirit. Soon after, the Spirit of God was poured into her. This was the beginning of the Pentecostal movement among the Swahili speaking group then.

The AICM mission to Australia began in Sydney NSW, Australia, with gatherings in the homes of Congolese believers. Migration to Australia increased later, and so also did the number of African’s and Congolese, Burundi, Ethiopian, Italian, Aussies, Thailandese and Rwandese believers. Various individuals from within the group took care of the believers, but as their numbers increased.

The congregation continued to grow and so did its vision for evangelism among African-Australians. Active evangelism led to the establishment of groups of believers.To facilitate evangelism among African Swahili Speaking Language Australians, AICM was incorporated in 2005. Since then, the fellowship has experienced growth, good times and bad times but still keeps in the faith of the lord and remains strong, in Australia number of people has being reached with the gospel.

More recently, the vision of AICM has extended beyond reaching African Swahili Speaking Language Australians. AIC is now a multicultural fellowship of churches, incorporating people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Agape International Church Ministries (AICM) reaches out in mission and evangelism to a diverse range of people with many needs. It has strong links with churches in other parts of the world, which have come into being as a result of its mission activities or which have sought an association with AICM because of its multicultural, Pentecostal and mission ethos. AICM is an incorporated body with its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, and is managed and governed by an Executive Board and Rev Pastor.